Apr 1, 2020 08:24:07
Privacy Policy

In the case of buyer or seller issue occurs, our consideration may be based on the user's performance history and the nature in which such circumstances occured in applying our policies. Thus, we may be lenient with policy enforcement to ensure fairness on both buyers and sellers.

All sellers must abide with the rules to replacements, returns, and refunds under circumstances of dispute and agreement. Sellers may specify or customize their return preferences in their account settings or at the bottom description of a listed ltem. The returns or replacements shipping may be provided by seller or buyer depending on agreement between the both. If this agreement is not reach then seller or buyer can open a case by contacting admin (admin@tekdealer.com) for quick resolution.

All resolutions brought to tekdealer, will recieve full and final decision by admin, this must be done as resolved by admin.